3 steps forward two steps back

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3 steps forward two steps back

3 steps forward two steps back….that still means I’m moving forward though!

I’m watching what I eat….well drink (juicing).  I’m doing daily meditations, stretching, exercising.  I’m being diligent to be impeccable with my words (Inside and out!).  I’m painting or drawing…almost every day.  I do cognitive exercises (puzzles and games).

Keith and I are anxious to leave Tucson but have yet to find a destination.

We are looking at Oregon or Washington for the climate the healthy environment and the cost of living.

Keith is currently looking for work in any location and that will probably determine where we go.

As for the step back? Well I had really hoped Social Security would provide some heath care or discount but it will be another two years before I will get medicare.  Im not sure why.  seems silly.

I am doing my best to do physical therapy but frankly I dont know very much.  I AM learning though!

My hopes is I can fix this thing myself …(obviously)  But some doctorly advise sure would be helpful.  We are looking into healthcare options but deductibles are so high and prices etc its just simply unaffordable.

I have hope.

I just read an article about a woman that has been treating her MS with injections for 2 years and just discovered it was Lymes Disease. Even though tests for Lymes were negative she did the treatment regardless (by insisting on it) and in FOUR days her symptoms were gone! I can’t imagine how elated she must be.

I have hope.