Nurses Can Fly

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Nurses Can Fly

This MS journey has taken me to so many interesting and amazing places. I’ve been clear I think about the frustration, pain and confusion…but what I haven’t really delved into was the wonderment. I had to go deep and meet myself at a new place. I had to open my eyes and ears in a way Ive never done before. I hate to thank MS for anything but the blessings Ive received from this damn thing has been unbelievable.

In only 3 months Ive become a better person. My heart has opened to envelope new depths. My eyes have discovered new worlds filled with amazing feats.

On the ground level, I now appreciate the strength and fortitude of the handicapped, weak and injured. But the most intriguing discovery was Nurses. (note I capitalized it with my new found respect.)

The Nursing field has redefined itself to me as a lair of Superheroes…all undercover doing amazing deeds and going far beyond the capabilities of mere humans. (Im sure they can fly). Nurses are the embodiment of selfless giving, compassion, intelligence, humility and strength. Ive seen innumerable times (sometimes through glazed eyes) a Nurse who has worked 18 hours straight aiding several patients who should be in the ER.

The Heroism is disguised deep within. To look at them, they are disheveled, worn, exhausted and yet as soon as the tend to you personally you see a sincerity in their eyes and voice. Attention to you personally like you were the only patient they have ever known….I ask HOW is this humanly possible?

Most doctors barely look at you, maybe its because they’re too deep in the medical legalities, formalities, literalities and agendas. Im sure they have their share of good intentions…

Nurses around the world…I bow to you.