listen to advice but follow your heart

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listen to advice but follow your heart

It has been some eye-opening, even more importantly, heart opening journey since I got the MS diagnosis last year. ups and downs but always moving forward in one way or another.

Theres a barrage of information out there sometime too much. I’ve found myself ingesting as much information as I possibly could to educate and empower myself only to find myself immensely overwhelmed and having to wonder if nobody really knows anything and theres nothing but opinions, millions of uneducated or sometimes worse half educated opinions represented as facts. Im sure theres much legitimate information that can, have and will continue to help many.

My neurologist says she only listens to data.

I also know how biased data can be extracted and represented so theres that.

The one thing I know for sure, whether it be MS or simply diet, everybody is different and needs to listen to their bodies, find that communication.  I always find myself coming back to my heart.

Its always true.