how we got to this point

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how we got to this point

One of the hardest things I have ever done was ask for help. This year taught me compassion & humility.

It occurred to me many people have wondered exactly why or how we ended up in this sticky situation. I want to share with you exactly what happened.

The MS diagnosis hit us pretty unprepared. We had moved to Tucson to be with my Mom, when she was diagnosed with Cancer in Oct. 2011.  We sold most of what we had and borrowed the rest to get us here. Keith and I had both gotten jobs to come into and we found an affordable place near the hospital my Mom was in.  Surprisingly she died 2 months later in December.

My job which I was told was full time with medical benefits ended up being a part time w/ no benefits and $9 an hour.  This was not going to cut it so I found a better job. Painting airplanes at an aerospace engineering company. It started as a temp job at $11 an hour. After working there one month they told me they wanted me full time permanent which would bring in a higher salary and full benefits. They even asked me if we would be interested in relocating to Ireland in the future as they needed painters there.

So yeah it seemed everything was beginning to fall into place….then I started dropping things. Staggering when I walked, my legs giving out and falling down. I looked like Id been drinking. Im sure people I worked with thought I was nipping some scotch in the decontamination room.  Then my right hand stopped working.  The people I worked with said must be tendonitis. Then my left hand stopped working.  Meanwhile, while these things were building and limiting my functions I was trying to find a clinic to get into to get an MRI to see what the heck was happening to me. Once hired as a permanent employee of B/E Aerospace it would still be a few months before the insurance kicked in.  I didn’t make it.

For the hundredth time I called the clinic doctors and forced my way into a MRI which (Im still paying for out of pocket.) After another bunch of calls to get the results I was told he thought I had MS.  It was only when I made an appointment and sat before the clinic doctor that he saw how bad I was and said I needed to go to the ER. I refused…on my own I had been trying to get an appointment with a neurologist in town. This was impossible. I was told they were booked six months out. Yet, while sitting in the clinic we waited while he called a handful of neurologists before finding one that could see me the following day.  She put me in the hospital immediately where they treated me. I lost my job and Keith and I didn’t know what would happen.

What happened amazed us both. Our friends from all over the world pulled together and supported us in ways we never knew possible. Financially and with Love, even a Juicer. Friends I haven’t heard from in years and close friends pulled together and started fundraising sites and having exhibits to raise monies.  SO Much LOVE!

We have so much to be grateful for! I don’t know how we could have gotten through this last years hardships without the generosity and love of our friends and family. All our Love to you today and everyday.

Our Love and Gratitude always!

Cris and Keith