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We are here in Tucson. It says it’s 77 degrees but its still hot. The desert sun makes it feel 90. Keith’s work truck died.  The new replacement work truck that is…well, without it there is no work.

We are still planning on moving to the North West Coast. We’re poking around looking from Northern CA to the top of Washington.  We haven’t had any luck finding the right place or an employment opportunity.  We’ve decided to look aggressively come March. Since the weather will be more agreeable.

We don’t have enough money to visit anywhere first so we’re trying to do it all via inter web. We saved enough for the move…I know sounds silly when I say it. 1st & last months rent, a truck etc. We just can’t do another summer of 3 digit heat.

We know exactly what we want.

Ideally, a place where we can live simply, a studio large enough for me to create paintings & sculpture and a garden.

We can start by renting a small cottage that has a studio space, garage or barn even.

Another possibility is getting a small plot of land and building our own…Keith is going to look into getting a loan through his honorable discharge with the Army.  He’s finishing his novel and has many other great entrepreneurial ideas that if we found the right place we could do pretty good.

I am getting a small social security disability check now.  In time… between Keith’s ingenuity and my art making we may get on our feet and even more so grow strong.

I really look forward to being strong.