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I am happy to say I have finished  a big series of paintings called Quarks.

Exhausted and sore but extremely satisfied for this wave of art and its therapeutic effects.  Its so clear how important it is for me to create.

Keith and I have given our notice to the landlord that this is our final month living here. In other words we couldn’t pay rent so we must vacate by March 1st.  He’s a nice guy and did love us as tenants so he said he will write us a good letter of recommendation. We have been looking at the islands around Seattle. They are cheaper than the mainland and also are more rural. Lush with greens and water. I want to live on a tugboat. I have since I’ve watched them every day in the Hudson when I lived in NYC. They are strong and small but very sweet and simple.   Maybe one day.

I have lost a lot of sleep the last few nights in a panic about what will we do! But after painting today I feel ore at peace. Painting always puts things in perspective…reminds me everything will be ok and it is just perfect.

In the next few weeks we will have to try to sell 3/4 or more of what we own. I need to be very aware not to let myself stress or overwork because a relapse is the sat thing we need right now (or ever).  I’m sure everything else will fall into place.

Instead of panic I am now excited about our new life.