moving & art & camping

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moving & art & camping

whew! made it out of Tucson to the colorado river. Its pretty here. Hot still but theres water that has a coolness to it.  Its been an exhausting start  but I can already feel that this is the best decision I’ve made maybe in my life.  The old wondering why I haven’t done this sooner wanders my head.

The move out & garage sale wrecked me pretty bad and Keith too. Donated a majority if the stuff. Almost all the craft & knitting went to a place that distributes to the elderly homes & children doing crafts that have projects to knit for the homeless etc. I think my Mom would be happy her crafts went to help so many.

We’ve been sitting here at the Colorado River site for 6 days now and it feels like 2 at most. The dust hasn’t settled from the move or the drive.  Spending time consolidating and sorting to be in “dry camping” mode. Being in the camper is reminding me of my touring days. Both with the Rock-n-roll bands and the Stomp Tour. Tour busses aren’t much different. Posher with their own driver and bigger bar…satellite TV (when it works) but besides that same simplification of life.

As for health…My next neurology appointment was today in Tucson. (I missed it…which is ok I don’t have the $250 to pay her) My body is telling me things are wrong.  My left leg is acting up like it did back when I was first diagnosed which was painful and barely working. I think staying off it might help. My other symptoms are definitely yelling too. We are having a hard time keeping things cold. the fridge is a dry ice fridge which in this heat still doesn’t last long. To keep my heat down. I’ve been jumping in the icy river with monkey who has never been happier and the MS Cooling vests are helping some.

I sold some paintings! Shipped a couple BIG boxes off to Binghamton to a good home (Thank You Charlie!). When the payment comes in on that…it should lift some of the stress about money and survival.  Im finding it hard to breathe still I think Im still in the Go Go Go mode instead of the it’s ok breathe relax rest that I should be enjoying.

Had another art purchase today which will get us through this week! Thank you Shane! Besides the well needed money the purchases have also helped to ignite a little flame of creativity that might just help with this whole breathing and health thing.

Its hard to see where we will be in the next few weeks. This is just a week at a time…a day at a time and sometimes an hour at a time.  This next trek is going to be a long jaunt through the mean old desert so once we get through that we should be on easier ground. Green and happy. Where the sun not so angry.  In the meantime I am going to earn how to breathe & rest again and draw, paint, doodle and sleep.