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Almost a month now and we’re still here on the Colorado River in Earp, CA. Unexpected expenses etc. Funny that a month later we’re just 8 hours away from Tucson. wasn’t so long ago I used to drive cross country in 3 days.  There’s no hurry like when I was 20. I can’t remember why there was a hurry then. Oh. I was with a band and needed to soundcheck…a different life entirely.  The heat and Sun are still pretty mean here. It’s been in the 90’s & gusting winds up to 30 mph. But every once and a while there will just be a few minutes or even hours of the most brilliant calm. Perfect temperature, quiet and everything is good.  Life is Good.

I’ve been getting some painting done and Keith has been writing and writing which is wonderful to see. He just released his very first book “Attenuation”.  It’s $5 only available on Amazon Kindle for now but its still very exciting and if I may say so without prejudice it’s quite a good read! (you should go buy it)

As for me and my MS or whatever this thing my body is doing. Well, I’m feeling pretty wrecked.  Burning down my back and palms of my hands has been worse than usual. Fatigued, weakness in my legs, hard to walk at times, constant pain in various places, general yuckiness.  I’m thinking it’s still recovering from the big month of packing and moving. That was a big mountain.  I think as time progresses I’ll feel better. I have been off my wonderful diet since traveling…without a fridge its impossible to keep any greens in this heat.  I am waiting for the arrival of some Shakeology packets which has loads of what I need. I hope this will help speed the healing up.

Next week we head out. All we know is we’re headed towards San Luis Obispo. Probably won’t make it the whole way but definitely need to get through Death Valley before we can settle. Our biggest travel problem has been we have 2 cars…neither of which should tow a camper. Even a tiny 12′ camper like ours. So we can only go at top speed 50 mph. We are trying to figure out how to trade both the truck (’87 Toyota pick-up) & car (’00 Ford Taurus) in for 1 good truck for towing.  Still scratching our heads. Lemme know if you think of anything!

All the same I’m feeling remarkably blessed and welcome the next chapter.