To Tomorrow

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To Tomorrow

Nearly at the end of the journey from Tucson to Oregon.

We are now in Ashland and it is lovely with Shakesperean festivities and beauty all around the rolling greens. Tomorrow we head for the Hood River area. Where Keith’s Mom and Sister live. We may have to stay in Eugene (half way) for the night.  Our pod waits for us in Portland where we will need unload it in the next few days.  SO much to do….I really do need to see some healthcare peoples and soon.

I hope this doesn’t upset anyone.  I want to share this as it is part of my journey. I know this is the hardest part.

Albeit beautiful this journey it has been very difficult for me.  My body feels like it is having a MS relapse. My hands and fingers are weak and fumbly.  My left leg is all but useless most the time. I am unable to walk for more than a few feet without trouble. My brain feels like its only at 15% its normal function. Burning in my hands and my back like a furnace. I’m not sure if it’s because of the physical demands that come with traveling, driving and camping, the stress involved or just the diet and lack of vitamins. Most likely a combination of all of these.

I had to use a wheelchair for most the day on my birthday visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco a few days ago. Its the first time Ive been confined to a wheelchair. It was difficult to swallow as a reality.

The hardest part has been that I am on the road traveling through the most beautiful places filled with nature and wonders to behold and I am distracted by the pain. Unable to do as I please. I mean I am enjoying it as much as I can…but it’s like I am enjoying what I can of it from inside a tank of angry goo.

Camping is not what it used to be and not at all what we had anticipated. Even State & Federal parks are charging between $25-$60 a night to stay and they’re packed…every place is full or nearly full.  There seems to be no free place to stay. Even the Walmart parking lots we’ve encountered have a no overnight policy. Maybe it’s just where we’ve been or maybe we’re missing something.  Car troubles and wow the cost of gas…yikes.  How do all these people do it?

Please forgive me. I don’t want to complain. Im frustrated. I know this will pass.

We’ve been eating a lot of brown rice and living simple. I have not been eating as well as I should, I have not been exercising because the pain and exhaustion, I have not been taking my vitamins and supplements as they have run out some time ago.  I have been unable to make art because we have to keep moving or the body pain or just exhaustion.  I’m sure if I was more disciplined I could manage to pull off more exercise, art and meditations daily.  It just seems like the rules keep changing. My body is not the same two days in a row. When people say listen to your body. My body is always yelling.  Its like trying to find an arsonist in a forest fire.

I have already applied for medical assistance here in Oregon. the paperwork is waiting at Keiths Moms house. So hopefully I can get the ball rolling on that in the next few days and get in to see some healthcare folks. Get on track again.

 I am grateful for all the support of my friends and family. I couldn’t have made it this far without you.  Oregon is as loving a place as I had hoped it would be. I think the future will be better.  To Tomorrow.