Sisyphus and Prometheus

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Sisyphus and Prometheus

Keith and I have had an awful flu the last week. Keith can’t not go into work or he’ll lose his job…so we were feeling much like Sisyphus and Prometheus. I’m the bound one, he’s the one under the rock. We know things will get better….it’s again, a day at a time.

I had piles and piles and piles of Social Security forms to answer this week. They mail these forms and say it must be filled out by you by hand or typed. What does that mean? I can’t write and who has a typewriter? It took me a week to scan the pages and enter the answers into the computer and print them. It occurs to me many many disabled people are far worse off than me How could they possibly do this. I know many hire lawyers but if you could afford a lawyer would you need disability?

Mind Boggling.

We sit in a pile of bills and I hope to get some wind of energy and inspiration to paint. I know it would do me a world of good and maybe I can earn some money too. This being bound is really trying to teach me this patience thing. Im not sure I can wait.