We Made It!

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We Made It!

Pooped but we made it. YAY

We go today to Portland to pick up our stuff and transfer it from the POD to a trailer for some extended storage time.  We are now staying at Keiths Moms. The camper is on the street.  Waking up to eggs bacon and homemade muffins YUM! (gluten free even)  I’ve already applied for Oregon Medical Assistance….now I wait.

Mainly taking it a day at a time now. Hood River is gorgeous. This whole area is stunning. Across the Columbia Gorge is White Salmon where Keiths sister lives up in the woods. We marveled yesterday at how the beads of water on the leaves looked like mercury they were so clean.

I’m ready to make some art!

Still in pain and can’t walk far but feel like the worst is behind us now. Its a new day.