Pier Fishing

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Pier Fishing

Bob Dylan had said writing songs was like going out on a pier and casting a line out….Sometimes you pull in a huge one, sometimes the fish just aren’t biting…He went on to say, currently the Beach Boys had taken the pier up stream from him and were pulling in all the big fish.

I think all artists know its not them creating. The art is going out to the pier. Going out to the end of that pier is sometimes a courageous feat in itself.

I got up the nerve to pick up a pastel chunk and draw today. …first time since the MS hit. Pastel cause is big enough to grasp with my hands being weird.

Unexpected emotions and peculiar lines emerged. The most intense flood of creativity enveloped me. My limitations of application stifling and binding me in a cruel cruel way.

Imagine a flood of rapids funneling through a straw. A straw that has fruit at the bottom of the cup so it stops up occasionally…(my metaphors could use some work) my point is Im elated that I have so much creativity to express, Im crushed I haven’t the faculty to do so….like a volcano not erupting because its got a chicken sitting on its top….(…metaphors still need work…)

Its funny when a blank canvas is in front of you. You have all these ideas, thoughts, plans. You put the hand to it and suddenly a whole different journey presents itself. Nothing like you had planned. Sometimes the destination is disappointing. Sometimes its an extraordinary expedition to far off places that you never knew existed. You can plan all day long but until that hand hits that canvas you’re whistlin’ dixie.

Oddly enough though, turns out sometimes those results I think are a disappointment, end up lighting someone up when they look at it. It makes me and my philosophic heart ponder the reasons and realize ONCE AGAIN that its not the judgement, the thoughts, the ego, the buyers and sellers, critics…its always always about the DOING. Ironically sometimes the hardest thing to do that…doing.

My whole life its been my doubt stunting that doing. Today I got up to the pier and it was my hands, my dropping things, the line not going where I asked it to go. And worst of all my longevity…I had to stop physically when my spirit was just beginning to soar.

Blessed to know that there are worlds of creativity ready to come out. Its my new challenge to figure out the medium of which I can release it.