Follow your Bliss

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Follow your Bliss

Joseph Campbell always said “Follow your Bliss” I believe I’ve been following my Bliss my entire life. It just seems I’m always 10 paces or more behind it.  We’ve been in Oregon a couple weeks now. Staying in the Columbia Gorge area everywhere you look is stunningly beautiful.

Our first week here Keith stumbled into a gallery in a Portland mall while I was getting my computer tinkered with. He urged me up to it where I met a very nice man who represents many art venues and provides the art for the TV show Portlandia. Yesterday we brought everything I had to pick through. He took everything I had… paintings, scribbles, 1200 postcards of the art, buttons the record label had made of me many many moons ago to throw into the audience for the first Lallapalooza show (that dates it). He said some of the original art would be in the next filming of Portlandia so they won’t be available for another 3 months but I can sell them still and whoever buys them can watch them on Tv….which means I gotta get painting and making.

As for me and my body I’m about hurting everywhere and all the time. The application for the medical insurance somehow lost me in the system. Keith however got his cards and doctors info (go figure). Next week if its not sorted and I feel any worse I’m just gonna go admit myself into the hospital. Hopefully by then the stress of the travels and the rest will begin to reverse the pain and symptoms.

We still have to find a place to set up shop. We are looking for a space to paint. A plot of land with a barn or even just a plot of land where we can erect a tent to paint in.   As always we take things a day at a time. But I must say I can see things are beginning to get better and I know my body will follow soon enough.

My artwork being embraced as it has leaves me so hopeful and warm and fuzzy. Like I’ve finally caught up with my Bliss.