so close I can smell it

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so close I can smell it

I have come to the great revelation (that one I always knew and just remembered again) If i can get myself a space to paint it would cure me of MS & bring in all the money we need.  I’m not asking for much… Just a space where I can slop paint with some ventilation.  I have buyers who want my art, just need to make it.  I have the place in mind. A plot of land shaded by trees with an empty barn and a little crick…maybe even a pond. We’ll have the solar panels up in the camper and I can spread my wings in that barn and paint to my hearts content.

ahhh its so close now I can smell it.

We are in Hood River. Staying with Keiths Mom & stepfather Ed. They have been generous in letting us crash & recover from the travels.  Giving us love & support while I run around seeing doctors and we try and get in gear for our next phase.

Keith got a job writing for WikiHow….plus the sales of his ebooks rolling in.  I got word from the galleries in Portland they sold all my prints and need more asap and my originals are off to Portlandia for filming next week. Sadly we have no money to invest in prints at the moment.

The weather here has been unusual HOT. Its expected to be three digits this week and worse in August. After my neurology appointment this Wednesday we plan on camping in the Oregon coast for a couple weeks during the brunt of it.