looking up!

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looking up!

I’m so excited…the neurologist says my MRI’s are showing signs of healing!
Some lesions have actually disappeared! maybe all the hard we have been doing is working. Keith & I are in Oregon pushing forward he got some writing jobs so some money is slowly coming in….still not as fast as the bills but I have faith it’ll get reversed.

So far we’re hopping campground to campground. very pretty. we’ll be in Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast the next 2 weeks. The TV show Portlandia took all of my artwork and is using it on the set filming now through November, which is very exciting. They also want me to be an extra but Im feeling shy. theres Portland galleries that want my work and prints to sell.

We were also able to trade both our cars and $2600 worth of my artwork for a ’94 Jeep Cherokee. Amazing that a used car lot would accept art!

II need to get some body repairs done….doctors, Physical Therapy, acupuncture… we are looking for a somewhat long term settlement. hope we can find a plot of land w/ a little barn or some such structure that I can use as a studio as now I am almost completely out of original art to sell and now I really have a demand! things are looking up!