Visually MS

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ms visualI watched this video today that was raising MS awareness by going to malls and airports and having people walking by put on some things to represent the way people with MS feel. The biggest problem with MS is you look just fine so people expect you to BE fine. and well that’s just not the case. The video is:

The flipper on one foot and high heels with weights on the other is a perfect example!. Spot on! Doesn’t include the pain but yeah definitely exhibits the balance issue. The big bulky rubber gloves are perfect for the fumbliness and numbness. Try buttoning your shirt or clipping your toenails!  They didn’t use a snake…they use a weightlifting belt and fastened it extra tight.

Another troubling thing is instead of being strong and pushing through the pain like people have popularized in heroic dramas and a lifetime of tv I have to be hyper aware of my body and its limitations (which are always changing) If I overdo it I pay by being down for the next day or week. I’ll tell you it’s a very humbling experience.

I never thought culturally MS could possibly be an issue. I have never been lazy or weak. In fact just the opposite. I sometimes think that this is happening to me so I will Stop. Just stop and look around. Breathe.

Whether I like it or not I have to look at myself, love myself and accept myself for whoever I am…unconditionally.

maybe that’s not such a bad thing?