We made it to Ashland, OR.

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We made it to Ashland, OR.

We have settled our camper for the next 2 months in a little forested campground nestled between a river & endless rolling green hills. Many factors have decided us to come to this area. Climate, healthy air & soil, functional medicine and did I mention the rolling green hills.

The air here is so clear and strangers are alarmingly kind. I feel as if I have returned to a peaceful land after being at war for years. The coast seems clear but it doesn’t seem possible that a tank wont be rounding the next corner ready to blow me away. I hope in time I will learn to relax and accept that we are in a good spot.

My health is in a very interesting place. I started a new diet in February. Breakfast and lunch supplements & some vitamin packs am/pm it’s called Isagenix. I figured it’d save me money & it would be more efficient w/ all its nutritional value. I think of it as an astronaut diet. Already, I can feel my body transforming on deep level. My heart rate as been regularly 120-130 bpm for many years now.(I think normal is 70 bpm) doctors had me on all sorts of things for it & nothing helped…now its 65-70 bpm I can hardly believe it. I still have lots of ms pain & symptoms but I think in time those will fade too. I do believe my flare ups have lessened considerably, I haven’t had a relapse in a while and I catch myself doing things I just couldn’t do even a few months ago…walking further distances and even riding a bike!

We’re looking for a studio/barn/space where I can paint & we can live. I had a great response to the art I had in “Portlandia” & at the Gallery in Portland. I have only a very few pieces of original art left. Very exciting to have my art be so popular. I cant wait to get settled and have a space to make BIG art!