Into The Woods

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Into The Woods

We finally found a place to settle, well for at least the next 6 months. This is a photo of where we will be setting up camp.

Living campground to campground has been stressful even in the most beautiful place. With summer coming the city is hanging no vacancy signs all over the place.  The place we found is amazing.  50 acres on top of Mt Ashland, the nearest neighbors… a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.

Cheaper than most campgrounds and way cheaper than renting a house…it will still be a challenge to meet each month. The landlord lives in Seattle and has lots of work on the land for Keith to do and has agreed to do some trade. It is a perfect place to write and paint too. I just need to figure out a structure to set up in. Theres an old shed on the property or maybe we can get a big tent.

Our main concern is the heat. It’s not Tucson weather but we are up on top of a mountain and the locals say that it gets in the triple digits come summer. We don’t have air conditioning in the camper so that’s gonna get tricky. We hope that’ll only be for a week and maybe and can set up a tent down by a pond and dip in a lot. We are industrious so I think we’ll survive.

I feel myself getting stronger and I know being so deep in nature will have a good influence on me. It’s about an hour to civilization on a grueling winding steep gravel road so there won’t be many trips to town. Today is my first appointment with my new Neurologist so we can check that off the list.

Im so excited to be in the woods for a while. YAY!