Volcano says Go

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Volcano says Go

2 months now that we’ve been living on this mountain. It’s been an awakening of the Pioneer resilience. The elements, wildlife and what you call Nature seems to have been trying to kill us since we got here. In between there’s been grand moments of remarkable beauty.

It seems we have painted ourselves into a corner financially. Unable to find online work to help (as we had planned) We are putting all our money into the rent, food a gas. I had a dream the other night that we went shopping at Whole Foods and were able to buy anything we wanted. I got Kale and lots of fresh veggies. I awoke so struck by the fact that Im fantasizing about kale.

On the upside being so isolated Keith has finished his second novel, THE LUCKY ONES in the ATTENUATION Series…it is absolutely a classic sci-fi work. I am so proud and I know that one day he will be recognized as the great artist he is. (I do hope its in his lifetime)

The weather has been brutal since we got here. Mostly in the 90’s and many weeks of three digits. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation sent me a portable air conditioner and a cooling vest which I believe has saved my life. The air conditioner had to be replaced twice probably because its refurbished. I felt so terrible for the fed ex guy having to come up this mountain 3x. The second time his truck broke so he was here a few hours. Keith said he seemed more upset that we didn’t have weed for him cause apparently everyone that lives up in these hills has a marijuana farm.

We got ourselves a big tent intending it to be my art & yoga tent but the sun has bee to angry to let me go in it for more than 2 minutes (even with a cooling vest) At night the wind blows 20-40mph and the tent is being thrown around like one of those tubular clowns in front of a used car lot.

Today the water went out. Don’t know why. Its from a well. This might be bad. Don’t know how bad yet.

We came to the North West to get away from the brutality of the desert sun. Heat exacerbates MS (which is why the MS Foundation and the like jump at the chance to help keep us cool) We had no idea it got so hot here. Our lease on the mountain is up in November and we were looking at heading to the Oregon Coast or up towards the Seattle area. Then we read a New Yorker article claiming theres strong evidence that the entire North West Coast will be falling into the ocean. Everything west of the I5….where we sit atop a volcano. so yep time to come up with plan B.

My appointment with the Neurologist was awful. He was rude and short with me. Had no interest in talking with me and after 3 minutes said come back in 6 months and we’ll order an MRI. A week later when I called for a letter from him for the MS Foundation stating I had MS he refused to do anything unless I came in for another appointment. (luckily I was able to get a hold of my old neurologist and they confirmed it for me so I was able to get the cooling equipment) I did get a notice from the new neurologists office saying all my information is on their website. I logged in to find that according to the doctors notes we spent 60 minutes in depth conversation reviewing my symptoms and possible treatments. Seems he’s covering himself and has no real interest in anything but the $300 a visit he gets and not getting sued.

One of the things I was most looking forward to in coming to Ashland (besides the mild climate) was they had a wonderful Functional Medicine Clinic with several doctors that even accepted Medicare.  Functional Medicine Doctors are Doctors who have practiced in Western Medicine  but also use forms of Holistic Medicines and practices. Treating the whole body using Nutrition and Exercise as well as Western Medicines when needed. I’ve been looking for a good one since Dr. Terry Wahl wrote to me about getting one. (easier said than done)  When I called to get set up with them they were full up and not accepting new patients.

Same thing happened when our little dog monster got caught in some barbed wire. I called three local vets who told me they were not accepting new clients. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I thought your dog got hurt you bring him in…nope. Can you believe three vets refused an injured animal because they have too many dogs coming in for check ups? So adding it all up seems Ashland isn’t right for us.  Its a very sweet place that just seems to be overcrowded. Luckily we did our best keeping the wounds clean and bandaged and they healed up nicely.

Once again Im hoping from a sign from God on where we should go next. I expect that things will get better here once the Sun calms down a bit. Maybe the next 4 months I’ll be able to work in the tent and make some of the best art I have ever made. Keith is continuing to forge ahead writing and if nothing else the world has received some masterful writings from him in this adventure.