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Here we are up on top of Mt Ashland in Ashland Oregon. Still not real sure how we got to this place. I think it was a combination of affordable rent & a longing for nature & privacy through the summer months. We really didn’t think we’d still be here through the winter months (cause thats just silly) The hope was that my tent would act as an art studio & Keith would have the quiet to write his books. The art studio was thwarted by the triple digits of summer & when fall came I had 1 good day to work where I got 10 pieces done but the next day the wind completely ripped the tent to shreds. However Keith has been prolific! He completed two incredible books in his Attenuation series & is putting the finishing touches on the third as I write this. I am so proud to be married to such a brilliant writer. His work is absolutely groundbreaking & brilliant. I am in no way biased of course…but you can see for yourself here:   Attenuation Books

At this time we’re still not sure where the future will bring us…so we are taking it a month at a time.

As for my health…well I seem to be getting stronger & less pain. I’m on a pretty good regiment of Isagenix nutritional shakes (for vitamins & minerals thats hard to get up on a mountain) exercises & the mountain solitude allows for much introspection. My last MRIs showed the lesions are healing & soon I know I will be fitter than a fiddle.

The downside of the solitude of the mountains is I miss my family and my friends. Our phone service is sketchy at best but I do have email and Facebook so thats a blessing. I hope this finds all of you happy and healthy. On Christmas we will toast to you.

and now some photos of the world we find ourselves in.


Monkey is no doubt the happiest here…at least now that there’s snow.
He loves to swim and to him this is swimming on land.










Monster however is happiest in the desert










So here is our humble 20’ x 6’ dwelling. We hope when we do find a place to call home we will be able to live in something a bit more spacious. For now it has been a pretty swell thing.









Besides creating his masterpieces Keith has been keeping us safe & secure as the King of this mountain (don’t tell Monkey)








It has been a bit like the pioneer days. Great in many ways…yet I really really do miss my washer & dryer. I’ve been using a tub & a washboard I look forward to the day when its just a musical instrument.












weather has made drying the laundry a bit of a challenge.









I’ve been remodeling the inside of the camper
including a chalkboard fridge that Keith & I can doodle on.
Here’s our Christmas theme.











note how Keith captured Monkey & Monsters personalities so perfectly (monsters burrowed under blankets until spring comes.












Our Christmas tree is a bit smaller than usual
but it has roots so we will plant it come spring











Meanwhile we have a winter wonderland
of trees to admire











Keith took these pictures of Monkey & Me this morning










Very interested to see what the next year will bring!