affording DRUGS

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affording DRUGS

The Clinical Trial I am in is wonderful because I have the top MS Research doctors at my fingertips and they have a close eye on me. Monitoring my progression, testing my cognitive awareness, king regular MRI’s and EKG’s etc. Not to mention the Free Drugs…a placebo and/or a nice good (very expensive) treatment for MS Rebif/Ocrelizamab…Rebif estimated $250 a syringe, no street value for the other.

What they can’t do is provide insurance. If they don’t have a sample of medication donated to them, then all the can do is prescribe it. In this case my problem is PAIN. I have excruciating burning in my hands and an electrical pulse throughout my spine. I thought this was spasticity but these great Clinical Research doctors said nope. Which is great cause my other neurologist said thats what it was and none of the medications worked. Now I know why.

The Research Neurologists put me on Lyrica. It worked after incremental increased dosages…the problem with that is I used up all their samples. They wrote me a prescription but it was $300. I don’t have $300. (that was WITH my prescription discount cards)

So they prescribed me Gabapentin. I’ve been taking HUGE amounts of this drug for weeks now. It costs $56 with the discount card. It looks like a giant Flintstone like bottle of pills. Im taking 4 300mg pills 3x a day and it has NO EFFECT.

I called the doctors yesterday and I told them its an awful lot of pills for no result and asked if I could discontinue them, they said keep taking them and they now added another prescription I have to start today.

They also commented its a shame you don’t have insurance because the Lyrica worked but there is no generic of it….aurgh.

I did some research on other MS blogs and found Medical Marijuana was the ONLY thing that helped their pain. I looked into it. There is a local clinic and dispensary. It costs $150 for the clinical visit and $150 for the State fee to get the medical card, THEN you have to pay for the marijuana. So again over $300.

I looked into the Obama pre-existing condition insurance. Its around $200 a month but in speaking to doctors, RN’s and pharmacists they say it doesn’t cover poop. It says it covers a lot but when push comes to shove you still have to pay full price for prescriptions.

I’m trying hard not to get discouraged but the combination of the pain and the politics is tough.