Go Fund Me

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Go Fund Me

The winters here are mostly rain and the rain fluffs the moss up on the tree trunks, the green in the Redwood grove we’re nestled in comes alive. It’s truly something to behold! The campground is open but with the rain very few people stay the night. Mostly they walk through the Giant trees on the trails during the day. So Keith, the dogs, me and all the woodland creatures have the whole place to ourselves.

Keith is on his fourth novel and is really wonderful with the Park visitors. They all love him and when I bump into someone they say “oh are you Keith’s wife?” with excitement. He seems to have found his niche.

For me, not only is my body healing but my spirit and well…all of me is. I’m finding my voice with my art and I feel safe and alive here. I’m able to go deep and let what needs to come up and out do so and feel like I’m being held by the loving environment. I had no idea how strongly the death of my parents had effected me. Here I am able to see and nurture the wounds in a safe environment.

We leave the Redwoods on my birthday April 27th to go up to a Coastal Paradise in Mendocino. We are there for only 4 months through the summer heat. (the redwoods get too hot for me in the summer.) Then we come back here for the winter.

Keith’s in the process of getting all the tests to rule out all the Parkinson’s alternatives. Keith himself thinks it’s simple nerve damage.

As for the Go Fund Me…I am working with the shame of having to ask. I love our little camper. I painted it and made it very homey but the climate here is melting the structure. It’s wood is rotted. So here we are…we may possibly make it one way to the next camp but in four months we need to return to the redwoods and it is not going to survive another rainy season in the woods.

I appreciate the Prayer and the donation very much. I know Prayer works. I absolutely no idea how this camper will make it on that windy hilly road on 4/27 or back here in August. Yet I know it’ll be as it should be. For now I’m trying to remember to breathe and put one foot in front of the other.