OUCH my bum

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OUCH my bum

It’s been forever since my last update.

well because frankly I dot think you are here reading this if you are maybe make a peep? …its ok if you don’t too.

In short, we are in Mendocino CA working as volunteers for California State Parks and we are blessed. The Parks peoples are absolutely wonderful! Rangers to maintenance all bright loving down to earth folks.

Did I mention the Ocean?  I LOVE the Ocean. We always know which way is West. ..in the most awesome way.




on that note…my bum…well…

I just returned from the local Ft. Bragg doctor. He gave me a shot in my bum with steroids after he saw me walk. He said if it doesn’t improve he wants me to admit myself to the ER to spend a few days getting a steroid infusion. (I feel better already wink wink nudge nudge).

been having a physical set-back, flare up relapse whatever you want to call it…I have my UCSF appt 8/7 with my Neurologist & Keith is having a full oral extraction on 8/20 in Novato which means we need to raise some $ for gas…(hence the art inspiration!)

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention!