First time painting again, Sept. 7th, 2012

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First time painting again, Sept. 7th, 2012

It was difficult walking up to the plate.

My hands have been improving incrementally. But nowhere near normal.  Can barely hold anything and dropping things more than holding them. My procrastination has led me to a clean house and a very nice nest to paint in.  I rearranged things for weeks before entering with my wobbly self.

Took me hours to sit down and actually begin to open tubes of paint….then of course I noticed how the brushes weren’t according to size and paints not according to colors…Finally when it did come to actually putting paint to canvas…it was a new world.

It really occurred to me how much of my functions I did lose. Not that I couldn’t do it.  Just the obvious things I took for granted. Things not behaving as they normally did. Normal is gone.

In a way I’m happy to be able to explore this new world.