Social Worker

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Social Worker

For months I’ve been trying to find a Social Worker…not knowing how to navigate the system of benefits. Many people have told me they’d look into it and nothing has come of it. Then today out of the blue, a social worker called trying to confirm my hospitalization dates. Seems there are no records of my hospitalization..Billing has no problem, they have itemized jello cups, but all other records seem to have been lost.

Discouraging news, she told me 99% of social security applications are denied the first 2x applying, Many people on their third application hire lawyers…I don’t think I have that in me. Such a long road ahead. Months of waiting for a decision, then a 5 month waiting period once accepted…denied 2x then a 2 year awaiting period to get on medicaid…seems like most people will be dead by the time they get the benefits. Maybe THAT”S the screening…simply, survival of the fittest.

She also said the AZ benefits have been limited to those who have children. So unless I have a baby I won’t get anything.
It’s looking Grimm. If social security comes through…apparently many years down the road…it will be a $900 monthly allowance.
Keith is heroically going into his job at 5am – 9pm driving to Mexico 300 miles each day to work in the 110 degree weather Only to break even when he gets his paycheck because of the gas and equipment loss.

Ok. Enough feeling sorry for myself and venting.

I can focus my energy on creating art. using my toes and teeth if need be. We will get out of this treacherous heat and move to California…San Luis Obispo? Somewhere 60-70 degrees as prescribed by the MS neurologist. We will both go back to school. My MS will go into remission and all will be good by the Grace of God!