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Finished my Critter series. Seven critters in oil on board and they make me smile.

I had improved physically quite a bit. For the last few weeks it seemed my hands were regaining their capabilities. I could cut and eat food even! But the last two days they have just lost much.

I don’t know if thats 1 step forward three steps back or three steps forward one step back.

I must confess my friends were in town and I stopped my healthy routine, threw caution to the wind, as it were.  Perhaps my routine was holding me together a lot more than I was giving it credit.

Working on the Art most of all helps me. Its not only a physical exercise , its mental, spiritual and emotional. Even the Critters.

Although the effort was far more than it used to be but I need to stop comparing what I used to be able to do and focus on what I can do today.