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Feeling wrecked today. Thinking it might have something to do with the humidity. Its Monsoon season here in Tucson. The clinical trial doctor is trying to help me with the strange pains in my arms and hands. To describe it is difficult, its electricity burning and compressing. The palms of my hands are burning. She gave me samples of Lyrica, a drug that was made for fibromyalgia. The dose was 300mg a day. taken morning, afternoon and night. At first it would knock me out cold, which made me think yeah thats a solution I’ll sleep through my life…but I adapted and didn’t fall asleep. She called me this afternoon and asked me to come into the clinic to pick up a prescription.

I really shouldn’t be driving at all with my limited functions… but the clinic is literally 3 exits from the freeway and I live a few blocks from the freeway so its short and easy. Not so.

As soon as I got on the ramp to the I-10 a downpour hit…The Monsoon. I kept myself together. Growing up in Buffalo I know how to handle myself in extreme driving conditions. Unfortunately not everyone else does. I had zero visibility and the car in front of me on the freeway was stopped. Luckily I was able to stop in time and the flood lifted me (the car) to the right of the stopped vehicle. I was afloat, adrift and the flow brought me safely to the side of the road.

Just a few yards away the world was dry as a bone. Strangest weather. I got to the doctors and took the elevated access road home. The Monsoons isolated drenching was still between the two exits when I returned. Bizarre. I got my meds but I can take a hint, I won’t be driving for a while.

Incidentally, the prescription I picked up was $305 WITH my discount card and I couldn’t afford to get it.