moving forward

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in blog | 1 comment

196226_1011498640704_1645_nI have given my social security benefits claim to a group called Allsups. Recommended by The MS Society.  I just couldnt handle the mountains of paperwork and red tape. After my Allsups interview I have a better grasp of whats happening. They said the baby boom generation is coming to age and causing the Social Security benefits to fall way behind because they are so understaffed.  Claims that would be processed quick are taking 2 years.

They said I qualify in every way I am just not a priority because I am young. Because I will not be dropping dead anytime soon there is no rush…maybe if they wait long enough either I will get better or they will find a cure for MS. In any case I need a plan B, C and D.

If…IF, when or if I get my full strength back in my hands there is still no possible way for me to go to work anytime in the near future.  Fatigue, pain, imbalance, there are so many things happening. It takes me a full day to do simple tasks.

In my favor I can continue to make art.  even crippled I can abstract or expression or impression…

I will.