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timthumb.phpCCSVI or the Gamboni (guy that discovered it) Procedure is giving me hope!

There’s some controversy now because lots of doctors who aren’t good are doing it and screwing it up.
Back when I was at the record company in LA (’95-’96) I had my first symptoms of MS. I had blue cross 100% great insurance and had 10+ MRI’s tons of tests, saw every kind of doctor and they all agreed on 1 thing . Not enough blood was getting to my brain. The surgery opens up the veins so enough blood will get to the brain. (thats why I think it’ll work) Incidentally. blue cross denied the coverage and didnt admit they should have paid it until AFTER the statute of limitations were up. (bastards) so I went bankrupt with $25K medical bills) They never did find it was MS until last May.

Stupid insurance companies. I later found they do that a lot with “brain” claims because the brain treatments cost so much.

I qualify for then Obama Care pre-existing condition but Its $300 a month and I’ve heard it doesn’t cover what I need it to. (meds and stuff) but as soon as I get disability benefits I might be able to afford that at least. (the disability wont be approved for 1-2 years becausethey are so behind with cases to approve.

So yeah, Our system is broken. Its frustrating.

I found this website that says they wont charge more than $10K for the surgery.