Prescription blues

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Feeling down and out.  Thinking too much I suppose.

Feeling a bit like a guinea pig.


The neurologists finally let me off almost all the meds that weren’t working and causing horrible side effects. I still don’t know exactly what they gain by insisting on these things.

It’s puzzling. The neurologists put me on one new drug to see if it would relieve the burning in my hands. It seems to have begun to work but its side effect is my heart rate has been between 140 – 165. Thats really not good. So they want to give me something to slow the heart rate…whatever side effects that has I’m sure they will want to prescribe something else to counteract that…and so on and so on….the logic doesn’t make sense to me. They continually prescribe things to help deplete the side effects of the last thing they prescribed. Did they sign a contract in medical school agreeing to a certain % of each pharmaceutical and now they’re trying to make their quotas? why? I cant seem to understand their strong motivation.  Seems like if the treatment is worse than the problem then you should discontinue the treatment. Maybe that why I have $3 in the bank, my simplistic thinking method…  Mysterious.