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enoughThe last few weeks I had some heavy medical treatment– infusions this last 2 weeks and its wrecked me. I’ve decided phooey with the doctors and their ridiculous expensive medicines that do nothing but cause trouble. So I’m dropping out of the clinical trial and going hard core health. Foods, Body, Meditation, etc. (some meds if they’re ok to a degree…maybe. but PHOOEY to “doctors” and their bad habits. I’m weening off all the meds they had me on. Ridiculously bad behavior these doctors have. Something doesn’t work so theyincrease the dosage to the maximum and give you several other medications to treat the side effects of the medications and so on and so on….and don’t give a hoot if the original drug has done what it was meant to. It seems they get paid by the medicine dosage and varieties. They made a mess of me these last few months and now I say .Enough. I’ve given them a year. I think that was fair. There are still discoveries and possibilities through surgery etc but for now Im starting clean. Ween off all medications and stick to green smoothies and the Paleo diet. I found a gym for $19 a month I can go any time so Ive developed a schedule of 1 hour 5 days a week. SLOW and steady but paying attention to my body. walking machines have bars to hold onto unlike walking around my block. They have a pool etc. So gentle movement and good foods. I’ll give that a try and see how it goes

Keith, bought me juggling balls for Christmas to get the brain and dexterity a going.   Im up to 1 ball…….3 is the goal 🙂