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my paleo diet

I’ve dropped out of the clinical trial. They just dont seem to have my best interests in mind. They were nice for me just being DATA but they just threw too many drugs at me and most of them I just could not afford. The injections and infusions are over and done. I do need to go mid February for one last exit visit. from 8am-6pm. Testing cognition, blood, mri’s, walking, balance, you name it…I think I gave the Western Medicines a fair try.
as for the meds….weened off the ones needing weening.
I had my 9 hour infusion and the next day read an article that the drug they’re testing was discontinued in several other trials (Alzheimers etc) because patients were dying ( so far none died for ms but its a new study sooooooo…yeah) the combination made me go “huh.” and my body said yeah this sucks get off all this crap and see whats what.
My other neurologist the one I saw wayyy back that put me in the hospital suggested a $3 drug for the burning in my hands, (it worked) but I wasn’t sure if it was causing the heart rate issue. weened off it and the heart rate was still high and the burning came back. So I left her a message yesterday asking if I can get back on that one. I also gained weight (even eating nothing but greens) from that stupid drug they wouldn’t let me off of and the first thing my neurologist asked was did you gain 30 pounds from gabapentin, everyone does….She’s mindful so I trust her. She’s concerned about me getting off the injections but I think the pharmaceutical company is using scare tactics making people believe they will die without it. I’m giving it a try and see of diet and exercise can make it without the rebif. If I start to get worse I promised myself Id go back to it.
Also Im not opposed to going back on the $3 that stopped the burning. Ya know within reason….
Meanwhile for my birthday (not until april but…) Keith, my husband, got me an LA fitness membership cause they were having a special. sweet of him because he’s ANTI gym (he thinks its a rip off cause people can do all the stuff on their own with out a gym) In LA fitness’s case I can walk on the treadmill holding the railing while it monitors my heart rate. ride a bike without my balance. all the machines will hold me steady while I work on each part of me. Get strong and lose the weight the drugs gave me. Im strictly eating fruits and green leafy veggies and lots of green smoothie and taking vitamins besides.
My sister Laura has a naturopath clinic. My brother CJ has miles, so they got me a flight to get me to NY to stay at my sisters house while she detoxes me. She wants chelation but we need to see if that possible. she has lots of gadgets etc that I promised I’d stay 30 days and try.  Laura’s strict and smart so I know I’m in good hands. Plus she is funny. I’m always laughing when I’m with her.
Im gonna miss Keith and the dogs something awful.