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While back east in “boot camp” I intended to write every day or other day but oops. nope.

Seems every minute of my days these last few weeks have been filled with discovering, healing, practicing, and grasping.

Any moments found in-between were used for processing.

Now that I am home, I have a great clarity of the months lessons… as well as a greater understanding of everything I need to do and why.

So incredible to go home.  The best way to describe the transformation I feel is to say that everything has just clicked.

Physically and emotionally the treatments my sister did at her Naturopathy clinic “The Healthy Living Center”  have given me a huge jumpstart/leap forward.  But maybe just as important was bearing witness to her in every day life.  They say you learn best by others examples. Laura is a remarkable role model.  Her vast knowledge of the human body, nutrition and medicine…well, thats just the beginning.  Her ability to find humor in everything, that’s a gift.  Her speed still astounds me. Like a hummingbird she glides so easily from one endeavor to another.

What a gift to spend every day so close with her.

Now that I’m home I see her influence in even the smallest of ways… thoroughly washing my vegetables, creating meals or juices.

Keith immediately noticed a difference when he saw me. He said I looked much healthier, younger more beautiful etc.

I have a plan now and it won’t take long for everything to fall into place.

Thank You a thousand times to my sister, Laura and her husband, Doug for their  joy, knowledge, love and generosity. Inviting me in their home and sharing their lives with me.

My sister Debbie who spent the day teaching me how to be a “princess”.

My brother, CJ and his wife, Kathy for opening their hearts and lives and sharing their excitement of their endeavors and wisdom.

The short, but cherished time I got to spend with my brother Ricky and Debbie’s husband, Ron.  The luck I had to reunite with my niece Amanda and see what an amazing woman she has turned into.

The joy to spend some quality time with nieces, nephews….not to mention all the people I met and got to know in such a short period of time.  I have such love, gratitude and admiration for their sharing their lives with me.

I am such a lucky girl.