love to live

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love to live

Words have often eluded me…this is why I paint….a blog, not so easy for me as smearing blue across a canvas.

I am in wonder today at the magic of life. Many things, that is, human experiences can be found in the expression of art. movies, books, music, dance…we can find comfort in these things. A moment of warmth.

The most important things you just cannot find in books, movies, art… cliche’s of all kinds rain from the sky just thinking about it.

we always try to express this. It’s lovely. But the closest we can come is only a whisper.

Joseph Campbell said there’s three things we talk about: The least important, every day stuff, ‘hows the weather’ etc. The 2nd most important, Things we try to express and cant quite find the words or words aren’t enough or they are misunderstood… then the most important thing: Thats just the thing you cant even begin to put into words.

living. life. the wonder of it.

to love to live . to live to love.

we have to try to express it don’t we?