The magnificent human body

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The magnificent human body

I have learned so much in the last year it is just remarkable. I have such gratitude for the experience and grace that has come from it.

Each day I grow stronger and wiser. I am so impressed with the magnificence of the human body.

Today I learned a little about cells.

I read an article by a biochemist who studies cellular disease  and discovered how important “letting go” is to the physical state of the cell.  When describing the seemingly indestructible cancer cells as cells that refuse to grow or move…by the person “letting go” they literally let go over their hold onto whatever that may be and go into a natural state. Dying off sometimes being the natural state for a cell etc.  She talked about how cells put under a microscope reacted completely different according to their environment.  A cell put in a rigid environment and one in a “comfy” one behaved as people would. The rigid one stayed frozen and the relaxed cell went back to a normal state of being.

The article really reflecting the importance of relaxing and listening to your body on every level.

What struck me about her article is that she mentions how we must be careful when treating people with illness…that it is easy to feel guilty about not healing when someone says “well just let go.”  This is something I have been wrestling with.

It’s an interesting twist to healing that I’ve never heard mentioned before but I have been experiencing. (maybe it’s not as common as I think.) With me, guilt seemed to creep in as a result of not healing quickly or maybe even just being at dis-ease to begin with. Especially since I have had so much support!

This is a tricky area because while you’re healing you hear from so many that all you need is to forgive, let go, have faith, eat well and exercise. I have been working on these things for over a year now. What I’ve discovered is my patience is wearing thin.

Then I remember hearing somewhere “Healing begins with Patience”.

When I think back at how far I’ve come and realize exactly all I’ve accomplished I’m pretty darned amazed with myself.  Who Knew?  I think today I will just pat myself on the back and say “Yep! I’m doing good.”