Zombie Lollipop

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Zombie Lollipop

“The running water will not stink,  the engines that are constantly used will not rust”

I’m beginning my Tai Chi program today. I will do the Tao Chi practice 1-2x a day.  This should bring all my work together. The diet , the meditation, the exercise.

Every morning I have been drinking a juice. Today, I had Kale, spinach, green apple, carrots and cilantro. It was really yummy! Every afternoon I have a smoothie. For example, Dandelion Greens, Beets, blueberries, Kale, flax seed.  Every evening I have a small solid meal. (I think of this as reward for my good behavior) This might be chicken or a veggie burger, broccoli, beans, coleslaw…

I havent noticed that I feel any better. I haven’t noticed that I look any better.  I still have the pain, fatigue, same symptoms as I had a year ago.  If I stray off the diet in any way I feel like I’ve been hit by a mack truck. For example, last week there was a small zombie lollipop. I ate this tiny lollipop and wow. It made my whole body feel like it was going to explode. Like the seconds before you spontaneously combust.  I cant describe the horrible pain and evil that tiny lollipop brought on.

So I don’t feel any better on my strict diet and exercise plan, but I feel so incredibly worse if I don’t do it. What does this mean?

I did notice one very important thing. I’ve been mindful of my words. Thoughts and spoken. I noticed that if I think positive I am less likely to get in my own way. Usually thats who gets in my way the most…me.

For me staying positive is essential.

I made some new oil paintings last week. they are very small and abstract. 8 inches by 10 inches. But I like them. They are expressive and reflective. I call the series True reflections. One of them has been chosen by my friend to use as his new Jazz Album cover. This is a great honor as he is a superior musician.

I continue on this journey wide eyes and working on remaining calm.

Whether I remind myself or not …It’s all good.