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I feel like Im on the cusp of a new beginning.  Thank God this chapter is nearing it’s end.

I heard from Social Security Disability that I have been “awarded” benefits. Its weird, the term awarded used in this sense. Like I won an Olympic event.

I hope I can now get physical therapy and some of the help I’ve needed for this past year.  Then get to a point where I wont need social security etc.  Keith and I still plan to move North. We’re looking at the weather and conditions of Oregon and Washington.  Keith is certain he can get a job similar to the one here anywhere up North.  He hates it so I hope once we find a nice home he can find something that makes him happy.

I’m still waiting for all the paperwork and red tape to process. It may be a month or two before we can physically make any changes. still a day at a time.

But I do see that glimmer of light!