Sometimes we face challenges beyond what we thought we could handle.

All I can do is share my story. please forgive the writing… words aren’t my first language…thats why I paint!


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OUCH my bum

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OUCH my bum

It’s been forever since my last update.

well because frankly I dot think you are here reading this if you are maybe make a peep? …its ok if you don’t too.

In short, we are in Mendocino CA working as volunteers for California State Parks and we are blessed. The Parks peoples are absolutely wonderful! Rangers to maintenance all bright loving down to earth folks.

Did I mention the Ocean?  I LOVE the Ocean. We always know which way is West. the most awesome way.




on that note…my bum…well…

I just returned from the local Ft. Bragg doctor. He gave me a shot in my bum with steroids after he saw me walk. He said if it doesn’t improve he wants me to admit myself to the ER to spend a few days getting a steroid infusion. (I feel better already wink wink nudge nudge).

been having a physical set-back, flare up relapse whatever you want to call it…I have my UCSF appt 8/7 with my Neurologist & Keith is having a full oral extraction on 8/20 in Novato which means we need to raise some $ for gas…(hence the art inspiration!)

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Latest Interview about me and my art

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Latest Interview about me and my art

What media do you work in?
Usually anything within reach. You do the best you can with what you’ve got.
When I was touring with the show Stomp (in the crew not a performer) we always stayed in the best hotel rooms. Often for a week or more at a time. We had to travel light so I brought a bag of art supplies, spot remover and a screw gun. One of the first things I would do in the hotel room was to flip over the hotel art and paint my own picture, (some frames were screwed to the wall). Of course I would return them to their normal state when leaving. In fact you could say I have my art hanging in many of the best hotels in the world…they just don’t know it.
The most unusual medium I have used was probably an incense stick and nail polish. It tuned out to be one of the most striking pieces I’ve done.

What is it about those media/that medium that you enjoy?
I enjoy variety and discovering new ways to do things. That is why I shied away from a formal education. I didn’t want to be too influenced in my direction and growth. I wanted to find my own way. I think it sometimes makes people uneasy the range of work I do. In the case of Lake County Wine Studio the Director Susans first words to me were “I love the variety in your work!” That is the first time a Gallery has praised me for this.
Lately though I find myself more drawn to oils. I find something about Oils on Board or Canvas very fulfilling.

How long have you been creating art?
Since I can remember. My father was the local Barber in the small town of Lockport, NY I grew up in. He had a studio behind the barbershop where he would paint. I always remember him doodling cartoons. I probably started to mimic him. In my teens I began doing portraits. I found peoples eyes fascinating and would do the portraits just to be able to draw the depth in someones eyes. I began doing commissions at the age of twelve. My Mother worked with the sister of the Shah of Iran. This was in the 80”s and his family had been excommunicated and fled to places all over the world. I remember her being very sweet and wanting a picture of her Mother and Father together so she gave me two photos and explained it was forbidden for them to be in the same photo. She was so please she commissioned three more for her family overseas.

Did you study art?
Not formally. I joined a class on Life Drawing for the use of models. When I lived in NYC I joined an abstract painting and sculpting class at the Art Students League of NY. I never met the teacher…there wasn’t a “class” it seemed you just show up and use the studio which was brilliant and inspiring all by itself.

In her press release, Susan Feiler wrote that you spent a lot of time on the road in the music world. How did that influence your art?
Yes, I was in the music industry most of my life. Traveling with bands on tour and many hours spent in the recording studio. I was so blessed to be surrounded with such amazingly talented musicians and performers in my life. I’m not sure I can do justice in describing the effect music has had on my art and life. I’m certain I wouldn’t be alive today without music. However in my life it wasn’t just the transportive power of a Miles Davis song that influenced me. Music has brought me all around the world meeting people and cultures I would never have known existed. It has had such a profound and humbling effect on me that I am forever grateful.

Susan also mentioned that you were diagnosed with MS, yet you continue to create art.
When I was first diagnosed with MS I had completely lost all function in both hands and my left leg. I wasn’t sure I would ever regain the use of my arms. It was scary. Yet there was never a moment when I thought oh no I can’t make art now. I’d find a way. My thinking was if I had to throw myself like a fish on the canvas I would and would never stop making art.

How does your diagnoses affect your work?
It has been a great challenge. Especially since we had to move from the heat of the desert to the Northwest and have been living in a small camper in many diverse places. Its not so easy to just go to my studio when I have an urge to paint. I have to work with the conditions and environment of where we are. I usually start the day exhausted so finding the strength to get a space to work created, gathering materials, creating the work and cleaning up sometimes feel impossible. Some people say take it a day at a time. I take it a minute at a time…with many breaks and ice packs.

What inspires your artwork?
Life. Being alive. All that that encompasses. sometimes fear, sometimes joy. Sorrow or strength maybe that’s why my work is so diverse. All I know is I need to express it. For many many years I would throw my work away. I believed it was the process of expression that was important not the end result. I was afraid the critiques of the end painting would influence my creativity so I would throw it away as not to be dissected. I was in Brighton England in a Pub and an actor Steve Spears, who had been typecast as an big oaf/bouncer astounded me with his intellect quoting Blake and in no hesitancy told me “shame on you!” He said you were given this amazing talent to express yourself how dare you keep that to yourself and not share it with the world? It is not yours to keep, even the ugly stuff could help some poor sod out”. These words have stuck with me and I stopped throwing my work away.
I want to be clear though. Life is what inspires me to sit down and create. Once I am there, in that place I lose myself and the work creates itself. Call it God or Muses or whatever you feel comfortable with…but I know I’m just a small part of the creation. Especially when it’s good.

I know many artists have a message in mind when they make a piece. Does your work have any kind of a message?
I didn’t set out to, anyway, but recently I sold a piece to the well known photographer Lenny Foster. He bought it as a birthday present for his young son. He wrote me telling me how he had hung it in his room at night so he would wake to it. He described the boy being so excited and lit up, throwing his arms around him. He described how he will grow up being influenced by the piece as he ages…first seeing the colorful images then the depth of colors then the geometry…I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding compliment than to be entrusted with such an honor as inspiring someone’s child. After I read his email I realized that is it. To lift or inspire someone else with my work. Personally it’s an expression of me. Others resonating with makes me feel I am not as alone as I sometimes feel.

What’s the process behind your work? How long does it take you to make a piece?
Sometimes years, Sometimes moments.
The process is like something Bob Dylan said. Its like going out on a pier and casting out the line. Thats really all you can do.
There have been people who have sat with me when I paint that commented I made 9 paintings since I sat down at the one canvas and they had wished they had switched out a blank canvas each time.
In short I”m not sure I know.

How did you choose what to display at the Lake County Wine Studio this month?

My husband, myself and our two dogs Monkey and Monster have been volunteering these last few months at Hendy Woods a Redwood State Park. It’s off the grid and majestic. I have been working on these pieces in a small tent under these enormous ancient trees. Being in this environment has helped me to create the variety the art you see at The Lake County Wine Studio.

Is there anything else you want anyone to know about your artwork?

I don’t get enough opportunity to acknowledge the strength and inspiration I get from my remarkably talented husband Keith Basham. Not only does he help me when I need to find my balance physically or metaphorically, he is always there for me. He is a great writer, visionary, scientist and comedian…he has been an incredible source of strength and support for me and my work. If you want to see some undiscovered brilliant Science Fiction go to Amazon and get Keith Basham’s Attenuation series and you’ll see what I mean.


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Nestled in a safe place. Our new friends at the rabbit hole have graciously welcomed us to share their wonder & beauty in a tranquil lakeside orchard in California while we decompress and make a new plan. I don’t know how many times I can say it but I am so grateful for the kindness and love life offers.

As for the plan…well all we really know is the Multiple Sclerosis does not like the heat and it tells me by shutting me down. Brain turns to goo, legs stop working, hands close into compressed balls of uselessness, and the varieties of pain ensues. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody.  We’ve already hit triple digits and the ice packs and air conditioning saved me again. Keith got an inflatable swimming pool and kept in the shade I can drop into it when I begin to shut down.  How incredible it is to watch my body reanimate by being submerged in cool water.

We’re thinking the Coast since its averaging 70 degrees or maybe up in the Puget Sound area of Washington which we have yet to explore. Considered going back East which would be wonderful because my brothers and sisters live there in NY. That just seems out of reach when its difficult for us to get as far as Washington at only an 8 hour drive.

One things for sure we are tired of living in the camper box and we are ready to settle…only the question of where.  For the moment we are wonderful and I feel safer here than I’ve felt anywhere in a long time. I’m working on a 7′ x 3′ oil on canvas commission and that means blissfulness. Keith is editing his books and painting an oceanic mural. I’m hanging my art in a local venue and things are looking up.


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Still up on top of Mt Ashland & it has been a constant adventure.  A couple days of sunshine brought a siege of ticks and all other sorts of army bugs and critters. The last few days harsh winds, rain, snow, hail, sleet…I’m beginning to think mountain life is not gentle in any way. Even when the sun is out it’s an angry vengeful & burning. We’ve decided living in our lil camper for 2 years might be enough and mountains too. We’ve been searching for where we might go next.

Health wise I got some things that definitely need attention.  The MS symptoms are still going strong, I’ve had a frozen shoulder for 6 months now and something called endometriosis happening in the girly region. I’ve done my darnedest in my stretching and self massage and physical therapy I found on the internet. Eating as best I can with vitamins, supplements and health shakes.  Seems pretty clear I could use some help. A body of water to soak in would do me wonders. Fresh fruits and vegetables. A physical therapist that could show me how and what my body needs now. Still searching for a functional medicine doctor (an MD that treats the whole body with diet etc) who can help me put all the pieces together.

I haven’t taken any pain medications in a long long time. I’ve been relying on turmeric and any form of CBD I can afford.  Relying most heavily on Music and Art. Listening to music and making Art. probably wouldn’t be alive without those two medicines.  My art studio however has been challenging with the ever violent weather. Alas, I will not quit.


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Here we are up on top of Mt Ashland in Ashland Oregon. Still not real sure how we got to this place. I think it was a combination of affordable rent & a longing for nature & privacy through the summer months. We really didn’t think we’d still be here through the winter months (cause thats just silly) The hope was that my tent would act as an art studio & Keith would have the quiet to write his books. The art studio was thwarted by the triple digits of summer & when fall came I had 1 good day to work where I got 10 pieces done but the next day the wind completely ripped the tent to shreds. However Keith has been prolific! He completed two incredible books in his Attenuation series & is putting the finishing touches on the third as I write this. I am so proud to be married to such a brilliant writer. His work is absolutely groundbreaking & brilliant. I am in no way biased of course…but you can see for yourself here:   Attenuation Books

At this time we’re still not sure where the future will bring us…so we are taking it a month at a time.

As for my health…well I seem to be getting stronger & less pain. I’m on a pretty good regiment of Isagenix nutritional shakes (for vitamins & minerals thats hard to get up on a mountain) exercises & the mountain solitude allows for much introspection. My last MRIs showed the lesions are healing & soon I know I will be fitter than a fiddle.

The downside of the solitude of the mountains is I miss my family and my friends. Our phone service is sketchy at best but I do have email and Facebook so thats a blessing. I hope this finds all of you happy and healthy. On Christmas we will toast to you.

and now some photos of the world we find ourselves in.


Monkey is no doubt the happiest here…at least now that there’s snow.
He loves to swim and to him this is swimming on land.










Monster however is happiest in the desert










So here is our humble 20’ x 6’ dwelling. We hope when we do find a place to call home we will be able to live in something a bit more spacious. For now it has been a pretty swell thing.









Besides creating his masterpieces Keith has been keeping us safe & secure as the King of this mountain (don’t tell Monkey)








It has been a bit like the pioneer days. Great in many ways…yet I really really do miss my washer & dryer. I’ve been using a tub & a washboard I look forward to the day when its just a musical instrument.












weather has made drying the laundry a bit of a challenge.









I’ve been remodeling the inside of the camper
including a chalkboard fridge that Keith & I can doodle on.
Here’s our Christmas theme.











note how Keith captured Monkey & Monsters personalities so perfectly (monsters burrowed under blankets until spring comes.












Our Christmas tree is a bit smaller than usual
but it has roots so we will plant it come spring











Meanwhile we have a winter wonderland
of trees to admire











Keith took these pictures of Monkey & Me this morning










Very interested to see what the next year will bring!

I can of mine own self do nothing

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I can of mine  own self do nothing

By our own power, we do nothing; even in loving, it is Love that loves through us.

Yesterday, I had 3 back to back MRIs of my brain, neck & spine; both with & without contrast. There’s lesions (tears) in these areas. that’s what causes the neurological trouble. The MRIs show if they’re getting better, worse or staying the same. I have 3 more tomorrow. I feel a bit beat up at the moment. I’m not sure why.  Maybe its easier to be the mixer than the batter (for lack of a better metaphor)

I’ve spent the last few days contemplating chronic pain. It’s an interesting and quite common thing to suffer from chronic pain. I found the only way to live with it is with adamant gratitude for the blessings in my life. This probably doesn’t make any sense. It’s certainly a bit tricky to find things to be thankful for when you are suffering. It’s against almost everything we are taught.

I’ve often felt like the MS challenges have been a trial of sort. Maybe it’s more that it’s molding me in a different way. Being forced, in a sense, to give up the past and everything I knew. Accepting who I am now, even with its limitations. This is not always so easy. Even surrounded with people who love you it is a scary and sometimes an isolating journey. I think Joseph Campbell would compare it to going into the belly of the whale. That part of the myth or legend where every hero must battle their dragon on their own.  And that’s the catch. There’s no such thing as on your own. It’s only when we surrender that we can slay the dragon.

Life is funny isn’t it?

Volcano says Go

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Volcano says Go

2 months now that we’ve been living on this mountain. It’s been an awakening of the Pioneer resilience. The elements, wildlife and what you call Nature seems to have been trying to kill us since we got here. In between there’s been grand moments of remarkable beauty.

It seems we have painted ourselves into a corner financially. Unable to find online work to help (as we had planned) We are putting all our money into the rent, food a gas. I had a dream the other night that we went shopping at Whole Foods and were able to buy anything we wanted. I got Kale and lots of fresh veggies. I awoke so struck by the fact that Im fantasizing about kale.

On the upside being so isolated Keith has finished his second novel, THE LUCKY ONES in the ATTENUATION Series…it is absolutely a classic sci-fi work. I am so proud and I know that one day he will be recognized as the great artist he is. (I do hope its in his lifetime)

The weather has been brutal since we got here. Mostly in the 90’s and many weeks of three digits. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation sent me a portable air conditioner and a cooling vest which I believe has saved my life. The air conditioner had to be replaced twice probably because its refurbished. I felt so terrible for the fed ex guy having to come up this mountain 3x. The second time his truck broke so he was here a few hours. Keith said he seemed more upset that we didn’t have weed for him cause apparently everyone that lives up in these hills has a marijuana farm.

We got ourselves a big tent intending it to be my art & yoga tent but the sun has bee to angry to let me go in it for more than 2 minutes (even with a cooling vest) At night the wind blows 20-40mph and the tent is being thrown around like one of those tubular clowns in front of a used car lot.

Today the water went out. Don’t know why. Its from a well. This might be bad. Don’t know how bad yet.

We came to the North West to get away from the brutality of the desert sun. Heat exacerbates MS (which is why the MS Foundation and the like jump at the chance to help keep us cool) We had no idea it got so hot here. Our lease on the mountain is up in November and we were looking at heading to the Oregon Coast or up towards the Seattle area. Then we read a New Yorker article claiming theres strong evidence that the entire North West Coast will be falling into the ocean. Everything west of the I5….where we sit atop a volcano. so yep time to come up with plan B.

My appointment with the Neurologist was awful. He was rude and short with me. Had no interest in talking with me and after 3 minutes said come back in 6 months and we’ll order an MRI. A week later when I called for a letter from him for the MS Foundation stating I had MS he refused to do anything unless I came in for another appointment. (luckily I was able to get a hold of my old neurologist and they confirmed it for me so I was able to get the cooling equipment) I did get a notice from the new neurologists office saying all my information is on their website. I logged in to find that according to the doctors notes we spent 60 minutes in depth conversation reviewing my symptoms and possible treatments. Seems he’s covering himself and has no real interest in anything but the $300 a visit he gets and not getting sued.

One of the things I was most looking forward to in coming to Ashland (besides the mild climate) was they had a wonderful Functional Medicine Clinic with several doctors that even accepted Medicare.  Functional Medicine Doctors are Doctors who have practiced in Western Medicine  but also use forms of Holistic Medicines and practices. Treating the whole body using Nutrition and Exercise as well as Western Medicines when needed. I’ve been looking for a good one since Dr. Terry Wahl wrote to me about getting one. (easier said than done)  When I called to get set up with them they were full up and not accepting new patients.

Same thing happened when our little dog monster got caught in some barbed wire. I called three local vets who told me they were not accepting new clients. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I thought your dog got hurt you bring him in…nope. Can you believe three vets refused an injured animal because they have too many dogs coming in for check ups? So adding it all up seems Ashland isn’t right for us.  Its a very sweet place that just seems to be overcrowded. Luckily we did our best keeping the wounds clean and bandaged and they healed up nicely.

Once again Im hoping from a sign from God on where we should go next. I expect that things will get better here once the Sun calms down a bit. Maybe the next 4 months I’ll be able to work in the tent and make some of the best art I have ever made. Keith is continuing to forge ahead writing and if nothing else the world has received some masterful writings from him in this adventure.

Into The Woods

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Into The Woods

We finally found a place to settle, well for at least the next 6 months. This is a photo of where we will be setting up camp.

Living campground to campground has been stressful even in the most beautiful place. With summer coming the city is hanging no vacancy signs all over the place.  The place we found is amazing.  50 acres on top of Mt Ashland, the nearest neighbors… a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery.

Cheaper than most campgrounds and way cheaper than renting a house…it will still be a challenge to meet each month. The landlord lives in Seattle and has lots of work on the land for Keith to do and has agreed to do some trade. It is a perfect place to write and paint too. I just need to figure out a structure to set up in. Theres an old shed on the property or maybe we can get a big tent.

Our main concern is the heat. It’s not Tucson weather but we are up on top of a mountain and the locals say that it gets in the triple digits come summer. We don’t have air conditioning in the camper so that’s gonna get tricky. We hope that’ll only be for a week and maybe and can set up a tent down by a pond and dip in a lot. We are industrious so I think we’ll survive.

I feel myself getting stronger and I know being so deep in nature will have a good influence on me. It’s about an hour to civilization on a grueling winding steep gravel road so there won’t be many trips to town. Today is my first appointment with my new Neurologist so we can check that off the list.

Im so excited to be in the woods for a while. YAY!

We made it to Ashland, OR.

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We made it to Ashland, OR.

We have settled our camper for the next 2 months in a little forested campground nestled between a river & endless rolling green hills. Many factors have decided us to come to this area. Climate, healthy air & soil, functional medicine and did I mention the rolling green hills.

The air here is so clear and strangers are alarmingly kind. I feel as if I have returned to a peaceful land after being at war for years. The coast seems clear but it doesn’t seem possible that a tank wont be rounding the next corner ready to blow me away. I hope in time I will learn to relax and accept that we are in a good spot.

My health is in a very interesting place. I started a new diet in February. Breakfast and lunch supplements & some vitamin packs am/pm it’s called Isagenix. I figured it’d save me money & it would be more efficient w/ all its nutritional value. I think of it as an astronaut diet. Already, I can feel my body transforming on deep level. My heart rate as been regularly 120-130 bpm for many years now.(I think normal is 70 bpm) doctors had me on all sorts of things for it & nothing helped…now its 65-70 bpm I can hardly believe it. I still have lots of ms pain & symptoms but I think in time those will fade too. I do believe my flare ups have lessened considerably, I haven’t had a relapse in a while and I catch myself doing things I just couldn’t do even a few months ago…walking further distances and even riding a bike!

We’re looking for a studio/barn/space where I can paint & we can live. I had a great response to the art I had in “Portlandia” & at the Gallery in Portland. I have only a very few pieces of original art left. Very exciting to have my art be so popular. I cant wait to get settled and have a space to make BIG art!

Visually MS

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ms visualI watched this video today that was raising MS awareness by going to malls and airports and having people walking by put on some things to represent the way people with MS feel. The biggest problem with MS is you look just fine so people expect you to BE fine. and well that’s just not the case. The video is:

The flipper on one foot and high heels with weights on the other is a perfect example!. Spot on! Doesn’t include the pain but yeah definitely exhibits the balance issue. The big bulky rubber gloves are perfect for the fumbliness and numbness. Try buttoning your shirt or clipping your toenails!  They didn’t use a snake…they use a weightlifting belt and fastened it extra tight.

Another troubling thing is instead of being strong and pushing through the pain like people have popularized in heroic dramas and a lifetime of tv I have to be hyper aware of my body and its limitations (which are always changing) If I overdo it I pay by being down for the next day or week. I’ll tell you it’s a very humbling experience.

I never thought culturally MS could possibly be an issue. I have never been lazy or weak. In fact just the opposite. I sometimes think that this is happening to me so I will Stop. Just stop and look around. Breathe.

Whether I like it or not I have to look at myself, love myself and accept myself for whoever I am…unconditionally.

maybe that’s not such a bad thing?


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There’s been many occasions when Ive tried to express how I feel when I just don’t have the strength to do the simplest of tasks. Friends & Family alike look at me like I’m crazy and I’m at a loss for words. I came across this blog that says it. The Spoon Theory, a way to explain what it feels like to live with chronic illness. The basic idea is we start each day holding a certain amount of spoons. throughout the day we need to carefully decide how we want to use each spoon.

Taking a shower is a spoon used, going to get the mail, making breakfast, doctor appointment…hard to plan anything because if you have 5 spoons plan to use those and something pops up like say you drop a carton of almond milk and need to clean it up. oops no more spoons. Incidentally dropping things happens WAY too often with my fumbliness.

The days I paint are huge. I have to consider setting up. That is getting my supplies gathered. Then preparing the canvas, gesso base coats etc. Then the actual art happens. thats the JOY and best part. Then cleaning up the area and cleaning up myself. Thats about 5 spoons and doesnt include anything else for the day. Difficult but I gotta tell you I NEED to make art. It keeps me alive.

looking up!

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looking up!

I’m so excited…the neurologist says my MRI’s are showing signs of healing!
Some lesions have actually disappeared! maybe all the hard we have been doing is working. Keith & I are in Oregon pushing forward he got some writing jobs so some money is slowly coming in….still not as fast as the bills but I have faith it’ll get reversed.

So far we’re hopping campground to campground. very pretty. we’ll be in Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast the next 2 weeks. The TV show Portlandia took all of my artwork and is using it on the set filming now through November, which is very exciting. They also want me to be an extra but Im feeling shy. theres Portland galleries that want my work and prints to sell.

We were also able to trade both our cars and $2600 worth of my artwork for a ’94 Jeep Cherokee. Amazing that a used car lot would accept art!

II need to get some body repairs done….doctors, Physical Therapy, acupuncture… we are looking for a somewhat long term settlement. hope we can find a plot of land w/ a little barn or some such structure that I can use as a studio as now I am almost completely out of original art to sell and now I really have a demand! things are looking up!

so close I can smell it

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so close I can smell it

I have come to the great revelation (that one I always knew and just remembered again) If i can get myself a space to paint it would cure me of MS & bring in all the money we need.  I’m not asking for much… Just a space where I can slop paint with some ventilation.  I have buyers who want my art, just need to make it.  I have the place in mind. A plot of land shaded by trees with an empty barn and a little crick…maybe even a pond. We’ll have the solar panels up in the camper and I can spread my wings in that barn and paint to my hearts content.

ahhh its so close now I can smell it.

We are in Hood River. Staying with Keiths Mom & stepfather Ed. They have been generous in letting us crash & recover from the travels.  Giving us love & support while I run around seeing doctors and we try and get in gear for our next phase.

Keith got a job writing for WikiHow….plus the sales of his ebooks rolling in.  I got word from the galleries in Portland they sold all my prints and need more asap and my originals are off to Portlandia for filming next week. Sadly we have no money to invest in prints at the moment.

The weather here has been unusual HOT. Its expected to be three digits this week and worse in August. After my neurology appointment this Wednesday we plan on camping in the Oregon coast for a couple weeks during the brunt of it.



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There are so many things the MS has taught me. I believe the most important being compassion. I truly believed I had a great deal of compassion before my MS diagnosis but I mu