About Cris

About Cris


Anyone who knows her knows Cris is a caring, compassionate and exquisitely unique person. As “The Wix”, Cris brought passion to her job running a record label and inspired many people to achieve their dreams in music and art.

On May 7th, 2012, Cris woke up unable to use her right arm and hand. Terrifying for anyone and devastating to Cris as an artist. A spinal tap confirmed that Cris has Multiple Sclerosis. Further tests revealed that Cris’s brain and spine are covered with a lesions. Cris is unable to work any job according to her doctors. Regardless, she continues to create Art on a daily basis.

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The protean and kaleidoscopic style of artist, Cris Qualiana, blends the humorous, whimsical, ethereal and cutting-edge, offering an invitation into worlds both strange and familiar. Early artistic prowess and promise led to a commission, at age twelve, to paint portraits of the Shah of Iran’s family. Impassioned curiosity and an insatiable wanderlust have been at the heart of Qualiana’s “travel education.” She took a brief foray into the the world of music, managing several bands and touring internationally, pit-stopping in Los Angeles to create and direct subsidiaries for Epitaph Records (the largest independent record label in the world) promoting over fifty bands. She designed promotional projects, ad campaigns, videos, and numerous record covers that can be found in music stores around the globe. While living on the road on tour, the World became Cris’s classroom. Hotel rooms doubled as studios. The people and places she encountered–distinctive scents, sights, sounds and flavors–filled her sketch-books. And Cris met herself, again and again, in various incarnations, through her painting and drawing. Her artwork, paintings and illustrations have been continuously exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris.